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Providing home interior, exterior painting and wood restoration and preservation in Denver.
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Step 1:
Project Planning and Color Matching

        Your project manager will personally meet with you to review the details of your job, your start date, the length of your project, and where our painters should store their tools to minimize the inconvenience to you. Match your current paint color. We take this step prior to starting work, so you know the color is right.  Have our color specialist meet with you  to offer advice on colors.

Step 2:
Prep and Painting

        If appropriate, our uniformed team can introduce themselves to you at the start of the painting phase, so you feel more comfortable with them. The same crew members will work on your project from start to finish.
Sanding,Scraping and Priming

Sun and water can damage an unprimed surface, such as a wood window sill that has had its paint chip off. Paint doesn’t adhere well to glossy surfaces. Sanding helps remove any gloss and promotes better paint adhesion.  Priming seals wood and other surfaces, so they aren’t exposed to the elements .
Pressure Washing
This helps ensure that your top coat of paint will adhere properly and your paint will last longer.
Hole Filling and Caulking
It helps ensure that your final paint job looks better, and it prevents damage.  This step seals out moisture and air drafts that can reduce your energy efficiency.
Drop Clothes and Masking
We cover windows, roofs, brick to protect your home and landscape from unwanted paint spray or drips.
Product Application
We will use a combination of spray, brushes and rollers to do the job.  To ensure that your paint work looks great and lasts longer, we only use the best products and equipment.
Salazar interior exterior painting
Daily Clean up
At the end of each day, our team will store their tools in the agreed-upon location, vacuum paint chips, and clean up any trash.
Step 3:

To ensure you’re happy with our work, your project manager will walk around and inspect your paint job with you at the completion of your project.
Warranty details will be provided with your estimate.  The terms vary, depending on the type of work we complete for you.
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If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to send us a message. We aim to reply within 24 hours.
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